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V4G 1J6 Delta
British Columbia
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Our Mission Is Moving: We move people, one family at a time At Highland Worldwide, our Mission is Moving. We want you to be moved by our Mission, too. We take it personally, as we have for the last forty years. That approach has worked well for us over the decades -- and for our thousands of contended clients, an ever-growing pool of satisfied customers throughout Canada and far beyond. Since 1969, the family-owned and operated moving services at Highland Worldwide have carried through on our core focus on moving people and their most valued possessions and items. Since 1969, the Highland-Worldwide Group of moving services has focused on the continuous improvement and guarantee of our total quality service package. We do business by creating a win-win partnership with our clients, suppliers, colleagues, agents, and the general public, and it shows. We feel the key to our continued success as a sought-out and preferred local and long distance moving company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia is personalized and professional service, with a commitment to growth based on a systematic and continuous search for excellence. Highland Worldwide wants to move you (but not to tears, like some unfortunate operators supposedly in the business of local and long distance moving in Canada!). We simply want to move you and your entourage, household and/or office possessions, to wherever you need and want to be - swiftly and safely. Lock stock and barrel. Should you require storage, in the interim or for longer term - we've got you covered there too. Large or small, near or far, personal or business -- Highland Worldwide can not only take care of any and all of your Moving needs, but handle your storage and other related needs, dependably, tidily and securely. With close to 50, 000 square feet of Warehousing space in Vancouver and branch offices in Alberta and the BC Capital, our British Columbia headquartered moving company is structured and equipped to go the distance, whatever that might be: international moving, long distance moving, local moving. We and our comprehensive line of moving and storage services, and more, are there for you, to accommodate your needs. What started out as a small enterprise in 1969 has grown into a flourishing International moving company operation spanning several continents with three major, wholly owned businesses in Calgary, Victoria and Vancouver.

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  • Storage
  • Over Seas Moving
  • Packing and Crating
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Local Moving